Batur is the finest and the most beautiful caldera in the world, volcanic clusters, lake appearing from the inner.

Six ways to explore Batur volcano and its geomorphological clues. Our first product is Mt Batur sunrise and camps located on 1300 m, 40 minutes walk to the top. Easiest, shortest & most beautiful trail to Mt Batur, Balinese cultures, temples, holy spring, hot spring, Caldera, Bali Age, volcanic eruption. Inner evident is Mt Batur rises up from the caldera center, still active. Steams, mineral, pumice enrich the lava field’s interest. Best experience is serving breakfast within the volcanic valleys, steamed eggs are available. This volcano erupted several times after a strato-volcano collapsed 29300 and 19300 yeard ago. There are several active craters, crater 1 erupted in 1804-1849, 1888, crater 2-3 and 5 were erupted in 1917, 1963, 1968, 1974 & 2009 in the resent period.

Batur recent active craters erupted in 19th century

A single way to get to this active craters is to join the Mount Batur Sunrise and volcanic exploration, the journey takes about 6 hours and exploring the recent craters and lava field trekking. These craters erupted during the 19th century: 1917,1926, 1963, 1674, 1990 and 2008.

Scenic volcanic ridge’s walking trails

Batur Caldera is located in Bali Indonesia within the 155 active volcanism in Indonesia. The caldera created from two collaps of Strato Volcano 30300 years and 20300 years ago (the finest and the most beautiful Caldera in the world, Van Bemmelene 1970. Inner caldera raised up Mount Batur 1717m and Lake Batur 16km2 in the bottom. Settlements along the inner caldera is dominated by local dweller and agricultural terristorial in major economic resource

Lake Batur 16 km2, the largest volcanic lake in the island

Mount Batur is one of the 155 active volcanism in Indonesia and one of the twety active volcanism in Bali and Java. The volcano has large volcanic lava and other evidence, Sunrise is a single popular target for inexperienced tour organizers, but hete we are to interprete any information you need. The 13x10km Caldera is the most exiting view from the top including lake Batur 16km2 in the bottom. There are thousands of tour guides to get to the top, if you are not intending expert one you will not find one.Show less

Sunrise on the to of Mount Batur is spectacularly beautiful, Mount Abang and Mount Rinjani are adjacently beautiful among Mountain, Ocean and Lake view

On the top of Mount Batur

After watching the most tergeted sunrise view on the top, guests are photographing with happiness and the view of other mountains have spectacular caldera view.

This magnificent view of Mount Abang the wall of the caldera and lake Batur viewed from the Batur Caldera sunrise viewpoint

Welcome to the World scenic Caldera

Batur Caldera Exploration, Jalan Songan Toya Bungkah, Kintamani, Bangli, Bali Indonesia (80652). Mobile/WA: +6287762996349, email:,

Batur Caldera Landscaps

Batur Caldera, the finest and the most beautiful caldera in the world. The photo was taken from the west of the Calders rim with pantastic view of Mountain, Lake and lava fields. The dimention of the caldera is 13 x 10 km created during the emplacement of the double consentrick caldera 30300 yeaars ago and 20300 yeats ag

Batur active volcanic craters

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