Caldera Rim Trekking

Batur Caldera is the finest and the most beautiful caldera in the world (Van Bemmelen 1970). The dimention of caldera is 13 x 10 km and emerged Mount Batur 1717 and Lake Batur from the center. The trek to the caldera rim starting at 04:30 and finish at 08:30. By driving from Toya Bungkah to the main view point, sunrise and mountain views are spectacular at 06:00-07-00. After enjoying the view and sunrise, trekking along the caldera wall over the lake and finish in the Bali Aga village (Trunyan where 4 m Dakonta statute existed. From Trunyan boat taking you across lake to the cemetery to visit the unbarried dead bodies. From here crossing the lake to Toya Bungkah. 08:00 artive at Toya Bungkah. Price $ 45 tranport, boat, guide and breakfast are included.

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  1. Batur Caldera Exploration has created variouse of trekking and sightseeing tours in Bali and Java for decades


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