Scientific Caldera Exploration

Scientific Caldera Exploration Offer

Sunrise, temples, lava fields, scenic lake view & Batur Museum  testimony on a morning adventure, scientific intrinsic of volcanological evident by Jero Wijaya.

This caldera sunrise and stunning views of the lake is an attractive and canyon like caldera, it is including numerous stunning views including the Bali Age villages on the other side of the lake. The caldera dimension is 13 x 10 km and contained various interesting elements such as sunrise point, temples, reason lava fields and surrounding spectacular views of Mountain, ocean and its lake.

I am ready to assist you for departure at 04:30 by minivan, representative guides could  occur on accidental moment if I am unavailable. After enjoying scenic cinerary and sunrise, hiking down to the parking lot and transfer to the dark colored lava field on the west part of the volcano, interestingly Volcanic Cinder Cones are spectacular colors of the lava territorial, here you can make short walks on the volcanic evident: lava and cinder cones.

After exploring the volcanic clues, transfer to the very interesting view of the lake over Abang villages on the foot of Mt Abang. This adventure is exploring the caldera intrinsic great adventure, between the lake and the ocean view including the view of Mount Rinjani on the next island (Lombok) have been experienced.

 After these activities, by 09:00 transfer to the Batur Geopark Museum for testimony between the real volcanic evident and the miniature human made in the museum. After visiting the Museum you are to transfer back to your hotel.

04:30 meet the guide

05:00 start trekking

06:00 arrive to the top and sunrise

08:00 black lava field

08:30 best lake view on the foot of Mount Abang

09:00 Museum testimony

09:30 back to your hotel in Toya Bungkah

Price: $ 55 all entrances are included  

Please note: We are available to pick our guests in any part of the island on extra cost

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