Batur Caldera, Tampak Siring, rice terraces day tour

Batur Caldera Trip

Batur Caldera Exploration   

Adventure Highlight, Canyonlike Caldera, Scenic Geological interest and its inhabitances,encircling the 13 x10 km caldera, the collapsed strato-volcano 29,300, 20,300years ago. Stunning views of Mt Batur 1717m at the inner caldera erupted in:1804,1849, 1888, 1917, 1963, 1974, 1999, 2000. Enhancing to the remained volcanicevident and lake views. Opting expedition to the untrodden viewpoints of the caldera,disclosing the morphological volcanic island centered on Batur caldera, widespreadof hot springs, Tampak Siring, the holy spring temples and Presidential palace onthe last visit. 

Adventure Itineraries:

06:00. Pick up any part of the island and transfer to the Batur Caldera wall for breakfast and viewpoint of Mount Batur and its lava fields.

08:00. breakfast on the Mt Batur and its lava field views. From here you are viewing the whole the caldera dimensional views’

09:00. Transfer to Penulisan highland, visiting Tegeh Kauripan temple where the earlier Balinese sculptures and statures surrounded the temples with their historical view.

10:00. Exploring between outer and inner caldera including the traditional villages Pingan and Belandingan between the two caldera walls.

11:00. East caldera wall with Lake and Mountain views of Mt Batur, Mt Abang, Mt Agung and Mt Rinjani across the Ocean in Lombok

11:30. Hot Spring pool in Toya Bungkah and lunch on the Lakeside hot spring pool, viewing the Lake and Mount Abang is the Iconic experience

13:00. After crossing the black lava field on the Southwest of Mount Batur foot, transfer to your hotel, Tampak Siring holy spring temples is your last visit

16:00. Back to your hotel. After long day trip you are backto your hotel in Ubud, Sanur, Kuta and Nusa Dua etc. 

Adventure visiting details:

  1. Mt Batur and black lava views when you have breakfast on the caldera wall
  2. Penulisan sculptured Temples on the caldera highland
  3. Pinggan village, old Balinese bamboo rooved house style
  4. Belandingan village located under the caldera wall and lake view available here
  5. East caldera wall, views of Mt Rinjani, Mt Agung, Mt Abang, Mt Batur and the lake
  6. Ulun Danu Tempal (Dewi Danu Stature) under the outer caldera wall
  7. Songan (single traditional village) located interestingly on the end of the inner caldera
  8.  Natural Hot Spring pool in Toya Bungkah and lunch with the lake side
  • Tampak Siring holy spring temples

Adventure Price USD 85

Include: breakfast, Airconditioned vehicle, entrance, hot spring pool, lunch, mineral water

Exclude: Insurance, walking steak  and light foods such biscuit etc.     

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