Regular Mt Batur Sunrise


Mt Batur Sunrise,. Batur Caldera 13 x 10 km is located within the triple volcanisms in Bali Mt Batur raised up from the Caldera center. Main attraction to this volcanic caldera is to the top of Mt Batur: dawn, sunrise. Various inexperience trips are offered by inexperienced organizers, but we are the local guides who know the battlefield very well.


One of our experience is providing you natural breakfast with volcanic steamed eggs. 03: 30 starting to hike up the volcano until 6 am for the dawn and sunrise.
08:00 back down. Trip takes 4 hours up and down


We prior to assist you in volcanic expedition and know who your expert is, we are proud to be your assistance. Guide, breakfast are inclusively covered. Our Guides are selectively associated and all are responsible in assisting you to this trip.


All guides are well trained in Mountain guiding procedures. Transparent, professional and conceptual is our service and mission.
Mt Batur Bali Indonesia, Indonesia has some 155 active volcanisms, and Java and Bali are the most volcanically active islands in the world with 20 have been active in the historical time. cropped-e3ff4d3ca7793e13893ca93bedc85152-0

Mt Batur has virtually fruitful volcanic clues from the world geological articles. Mt Batur trip without expert causes invaluable holiday.


Dawn and the sunrise view is the prime subject, the earlier you get there, the better moment you have. And Batur is also rich of volcanic material such as debris, sediments, solidified rocks, mineral, crystal, pumice, scoria, lapili cinder cone and volcanic tunnels. Classifying your mountain guide is an important option to get adequate information of volcanic clues.


In fact, Mt Batur is part of the world volcanic network raised 1717m from the center of the calderas, connected with the Pacific Ring of Fire networks which pressured up the volcanic material to the earth surface; this collapses formed the dramatic double concentric caldera 13×10 km during its first emplacement of South Bali ignimbrite which collapsed about 29300 years ago from the strato-volcano3500m,another collapse occurred 20300 years ago and formed the inner caldera ties into the lake body.


We are eagerly proud offering you daily memorable volcanic exploration to Mt Batur.

a. meet your guide (primary technical instruction)
b. easy hike 0-10 degree
c.04:00-06:00 moderate hike 25-75 degree (dawn views)
d.06:00 on the top, spectacular views: Mt Rinjani.
e.06:00-06:15 watching sunrise (local inhabitances with)
f. light breakfast with Mt. Agung view
g. hot sulfuric monoxide, egg boiling testimony
h. down with morning lake and caldera views
i.09:00 back to the hotel, breakfast before the hot spring relaxation

Price $ 30

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