Balinese Regulation and Constitution

Indonesian constitution existed after multi regional regulation occurred in the Indonesian in the archipelagoss, double regulation in the villages often disagreeing both the national and regional. Presently, anti corruption team by the police isoteric the meaning of the rules. Police have the rule of justice by arresting some peoples who ate suspected in corrupting the tourism ticketing to access a temple , after arrested them, public opinions come from various status of analysers, some of them dispute the police effort due to the Balinese regulation is exist according to them, their argument the regional regulation implemented and can takeover the rule implementation from the national territorial of law. Double standard appeared since than, police use national regulation and, the public argument the local regulation is exist. Ironically, if the regulation keeps in power in double standard dissolved but corruption never ended. Balinese rule of law should not be overpowered the national rules and not miss conducted by human behavior such guarding Balinese concerning to guard the negative community’s behavior such gambling stages for incomes, these efforts often occurred in Balinese communities in the traditional proccesion such temple ceremony in shamefully Bali.

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