Cockfighting: Gambling behavior.

Cockfighting performance is the common show and popular game from current and present periods, communities are frequently providing this game by the temple ceremonies though cockfighting is an illegal show, by opposing the law supreme and destructing human eligible thought, the question is if it is illegal in positive law why it is used in the traditional system? Cockfighting is the lack behavioral show in various community’s ceremonies. Peoples are in the effort of cockfighting show though it is anti-thesis to the religious guidance but, addicted to gambling show eradicate all purification and naturalization. Common use for cockfighting is the ceremonial procession to succeed the ceremony in the black dreams and confusing people’s mines. Ironically, the more ceremony is performed in the sacral places, the more cockfighting games occurs. Cockfighting is forbidden and contra policy to the Indonesian law, but regulation system to be disappeared after happiness and ill-advised human characters are conspired.
In the past, tradition of sprinkling chicken blood in the ceremony or building construction start to purify the areal and avoid from the evil spirits (MACARU), this game is religiously eligible one set in an event to collect the blood for the process. But after the human minor addiction is increased in common sense, chicken blood sprinkle or cockfighting being change to be big gambling shows syndication decades, these were provided mostly by the village’s managements in argument of financial collection for any theological developments which factually confusing them themselves from religious devotes to be gambler’s syndicates.
Negative behavioral in cockfighting game is one of their ways to overpower; toxic is also practical technical power to assure faster killing one to another cocks, toxic knife can kill chicken very fast. Cockfights and other gambling preparation is prepared without control due to the money can empower the ill-mannered; money can close your eyes from bright to be blind, in gambler’s perspective can do whatever their want if they have money.
Law enforcers unclearly brain and not prospective regarding anti-gambling regulation implementation due to the peoples use to against the law and active in illegal activities are an optional efforts. Common fighting stages often uses village’s community village’s hall of meeting (Balai Masyarakat). Interestingly, cockfighting liked over 80 percent of the local peoples to entertain themselves after home working. No matter official and unofficial peoples could be seen in collaboration amongst the cockfights.
In most villages, cock cages are seen almost in every family houses. Head of family are generally men, when ceremony in the village occur, games take places near the temples and every family has to provide at least one cock (Uuran) in the community participation to the successful. Balinese women are on their effort in preparing the ceremonial offerings. In the uneducated manner, kids are to be used to the traditional gambling, gambling cards are in this session, gambling are provided by individual gamble organizers and liked by kids.
Cock’s qualification and fighting capability: Balinese cocks were good enough to fight though the fight needs longer interval to kill the looser. Since gambling development is increased time to time cross island and even overseas cockfighting candidates are imported constantly, after Balinese chock disappeared from the show, overseas cocks ( ayam Bangkok) was inbreeded to select fighter candidates. After Ayam Bangkok decreased, they imported overseas cock such Philippines cocks and Land-sea cocks confidently, no worries how expensive it is due to the qualification is on demand. The last migrated cockfighters to Bali came from Kalimantan the neighboring island, and Kalimantan peoples even come to Bali for cockfighting in big financial games. The question is when peoples avoid this immoral games?


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