Mt Batur Sunrise Volcanic Exploration (overnight)

Mt Batur Sunrise Volcanic Exploration. Batur Caldera 13 x 10 km is located within the triple volcanisms in Bali. Mt Batur raised up from the caldera center. Main attraction to this caldera is the Mt Batur: dawn, sunrise, lava flows, steam, parasitic cones, mineral, pumice enrich the lava fields interest. We are the local peoples who know the battlefield. Our experience is providing you natural breakfast with steamed eggs.
Day one pick up, temples, overnight at the hotel with internal hot spring.
Day two 6 hours hike up and down the volcanic and transfer to the hotel.
We prior to assist you in volcanic expedition and assure you are with our expert, we are proud to assist you. Guide, rooms, breakfast, pick up entrance and transfer are inclusive. Our Guides are selectively associated and all are responsible to this exploration. All are well trained in Mountain guiding procedures. Transparent, professional and conceptual is our service procedure.

Mt Batur Bali Indonesia, Indonesia has some 155 active volcanisms, and Java and Bali are the most volcanically active islands in the world with 20 have been active in the historical time (Van Bemmelen 1970). Mt Batur has virtually fruitful volcanic clues from the world geological articles. Dawn and the sunrise view is the prime subject, the earlier you get there, the better moment you have. And Batur is also rich of volcanic material such as debris, sediments, solidified rocks, mineral, crystal, pumice, scoria, lapili cinder cones and volcanic tunnels. guide is important to get adequate information of volcanic clues.
In fact, Mt Batur is part of the world volcanic network raised 1717 m from the center of the calderas, connected with the Pacific Ring of Fire which pressured up the volcanic material to the earth surface; this collapses formed the dramatic double concentric caldera 13 x 10 km during its first emplacement of South Bali ignimbrite about 29300 years ago from the strato-volcano 3500 m,another collapse occurred 20300 years ago and formed the inner caldera ties into the lake body.
Sngle organizer to this parasitic cones exploration and the solidified lava fields caused by lack understanding by peoples how the existence of the Batur volcanism is; our guides are expert in assisting you to collect as much as the volcanic evident, numerous traces are remained. This morning adventure is a special offer, hike up to the original crater rim which has been currently erupted in 1849; the journey to the resent cones and lava fields is extremely magnificent. Stunning views of mountains, Ocean, lake, Mt Agung, Abang, Penulisan and other views are fabulous. Sunrise and Mt Rinjani on Lombok is the twin magnificent views approaching each other into a photographic subject of snapshot; views are including the Batur caldera rims.
After watching the sunrise, main trips are regularly return down but, you are to follow similar trail with the semi-exploration, hence to be separated another route down to the craters which have been erupted in 2000s, there is virtually great place for steaming eggs in the volcanic hot sulfur dioxide steamed valleys, most exited moment is to photographing the volcanic smoky cones. This trip is larger than the regular trips which is free booked with anyone and organized by hundreds anonymous to formal and knowledge-lack at the entire Bali Tourist villages. The trail down to the lava fields is fantastic and not trodden; moon like sediment, scattered pumice shingles, sands and solidified lava field because the trip is exiting and longer.
Day1 Pick up time.
09:00 for Nusa Dua, Kuta, Canggu, Sanur Amed and Lovina.
10: for Ubud and Padang Bai
03:30 meet with the guide and starting hike
06:00 arrived to the top for the sunrise
09:30 finish hiking
10:00 back to the hotel transfer back to your hotel.

Price: $ 125

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