Batur is the finest and the most beautiful caldera in the world, volcanic clusters, lake appearing from the inner.

Six ways to explore Batur volcano and its geomorphological clues. Our first product is Mt Batur sunrise and camps located on 1300 m, 40 minutes walk to the top. Easiest, shortest & most beautiful trail to Mt Batur, Balinese cultures, temples, holy spring, hot spring, Caldera, Bali Age, volcanic eruption. Inner evident is Mt Batur rises up from the caldera center, still active. Steams, mineral, pumice enrich the lava field’s interest. Best experience is serving breakfast within the volcanic valleys, steamed eggs are available. This volcano erupted several times after a strato-volcano collapsed 29300 and 19300 yeard ago. There are several active craters, crater 1 erupted in 1804-1849, 1888, crater 2-3 and 5 were erupted in 1917, 1963, 1968, 1974 & 2009 in the resent period.

Batur recent active craters erupted in 19th century

A single way to get to this active craters is to join the Mount Batur Sunrise and volcanic exploration, the journey takes about 6 hours and exploring the recent craters and lava field trekking. These craters erupted during the 19th century: 1917,1926, 1963, 1674, 1990 and 2008.

Scenic volcanic ridge’s walking trails

Batur Caldera is located in Bali Indonesia within the 155 active volcanism in Indonesia. The caldera created from two collaps of Strato Volcano 30300 years and 20300 years ago (the finest and the most beautiful Caldera in the world, Van Bemmelene 1970. Inner caldera raised up Mount Batur 1717m and Lake Batur 16km2 in the bottom. Settlements along the inner caldera is dominated by local dweller and agricultural terristorial in major economic resource

Lake Batur 16 km2, the largest volcanic lake in the island

Mount Batur is one of the 155 active volcanism in Indonesia and one of the twety active volcanism in Bali and Java. The volcano has large volcanic lava and other evidence, Sunrise is a single popular target for inexperienced tour organizers, but hete we are to interprete any information you need. The 13x10km Caldera is the most exiting view from the top including lake Batur 16km2 in the bottom. There are thousands of tour guides to get to the top, if you are not intending expert one you will not find one.Show less

Sunrise on the to of Mount Batur is spectacularly beautiful, Mount Abang and Mount Rinjani are adjacently beautiful among Mountain, Ocean and Lake view

On the top of Mount Batur

After watching the most tergeted sunrise view on the top, guests are photographing with happiness and the view of other mountains have spectacular caldera view.

This magnificent view of Mount Abang the wall of the caldera and lake Batur viewed from the Batur Caldera sunrise viewpoint

Welcome to the World scenic Caldera

Batur Caldera Exploration, Jalan Songan Toya Bungkah, Kintamani, Bangli, Bali Indonesia (80652). Mobile/WA: +6287762996349, email:,

Batur Caldera Landscaps

Batur Caldera, the finest and the most beautiful caldera in the world. The photo was taken from the west of the Calders rim with pantastic view of Mountain, Lake and lava fields. The dimention of the caldera is 13 x 10 km created during the emplacement of the double consentrick caldera 30300 yeaars ago and 20300 yeats ag

Regular Mt Batur Sunrise
Mt Batur Sunrise Semi-Exploration
Mt Batur Sunrise Volcanic Exploration
Noon Caldera Snapshot trip
Outer Caldera trekking to the Sea
Sightseeing tours on Balinese territorial
Pick up and transfer services.
Batur volcano Bali, Indonesia has some 155 active volcanisms, Java and Bali are the most volcanically active islands in the world with 20 have been active in the historical time (Van Bemmelen (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) Mt Batur has virtually large volcanic evident since earlier periods.
A trip without expertize causes unvalued impact. Dawn and sunrise view is the lucrative benefit for us, the earlier you get to the top, the better moment you have for the dawn and sunrise. Batur is rich of volcanic material such debris, sediments, rocks, mineral, crystal, pumice, scoria, lapilli cinders cone and subduction tunnels are the clues. Early testimony to your guide candidate is importantly demanded in regard to get adequate information from.
Mt Batur is part of the world volcanic network raised up (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) m from the center of the caldera, connected with the Pacific Ring of Fire subduction networks which pressured up the volcanic material to the earth surface. Collapsed strato-volcano formed the dramatic double concentric caldera 13×10 km during its first emplacement of South Bali ignimbrite about (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) years ago, another caldera formation occurred (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) years ago and formed the inner caldera into the lake. We are so proud that we can offer you articulated memorable volcanic exploration to Mt Batur to our guests.
REGULAR MT. BATUR SUNRISE: 03; 30 meet your guide (primary technical instruction) 04:00-06:00 moderate hike up, (dawn views) 06:00 on the top, spectacular views: Mt Rinjani
06:00-06:15 watching sunrise (local inhabitances with)
light breakfast with Mt. Agung view
hot sulfuric monoxide, egg boiling testimony
down to the hotel with morning lake and caldera views
09:00 back to the hotel, breakfast before the hot spring relaxation
Prices and group size:
Adult $ 25 (5pax)
Adult $ 30 (4pax)
Adult $ 35 (3pax)
Adult $ 40 (2pax)
Adult $ 80 (1pax)
Include: guide, breakfast, steamed egg, flashlight.
Exclude: insurance, trekking stick, pullover, cold drink, entrance fee.
03:30 meet your guide (primary guide technical instruction)
An easy hike 0-10 degree to the Temples
04:00-06:00 moderate hike up (dawn views)
06:00 on the top, spectacular views: Mt Rinjani.
06:00-06:15 watching sunrise (local inhabitances with)
Breakfast with Mt. Agung view
Hot sulfuric monoxide steam, egg boiling testimony
Hike around the main crater rim
07:00-07:30 volcanic tube, swallows and monkeys inhabited the cave
07:00-09:00 down another trail and low lava tube
09:00 back to the hotel for the hotel breakfast, before hot spring relaxation.
Prices and group size:
Adult $ 30 (5pax)
Adult $ 35 (4pax)
Adult $ 40 (3pax)
Adult $ 50 (2pax)
Adult $ 90 (1pax)
Include: guide, breakfast, steamed egg, flashlight.
Exclude: insurance, trekking stick, pullover, cold drink, entrance fee.
Mt Batur Sunrise Volcanic Exploration to the parasitic cones and the lava fields, witnessing the creation of the volcano; assist you to collect entire information of the volcanic evident and numerous eruption traces. Stunning views of Mountains, Ocean, Lake; Mt Agung, Mt Abang, Penulisan and others are fabulous views. Sunrise and Mt Rinjani is the adjacent magnificent; the views including the Batur caldera rim and its lateral providing you fabulous cinerary.
This exploration is our scientific offer, first hiking up to the main crater edges that currently erupted in (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) ; then single trip to the resent volcanic craters and lava fields. After watching the sunrise trips are regularly return down, but you are to opt another trail separated another route down to the craters which erupted in (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) and (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) s, there is virtually great place for steaming eggs in the volcanic hot sulfuric valleys, most exited segment is the volcanic smoky craters. This trip is larger and not provided by others.
Different to the regular trip which is organized by hundreds of knowledge-lack and professional. The trail down to the lava fields is not trodden; moonlike sediment, scattered pumiced shingles and solidified lava field causes the view is exiting and larger.
03:30 early meeting with your guide and technical instruction
03:45 starting short departure by vehicle to the temple
04:00 starting hike to the top of Mt Batur hilly-hike
06:00 arrives at the top & ready for the dawn view from the east
06:15 sunrise across the Pacific Ocean including Mt Rinjani
06:15 Lombok & Mt Rinjani views during you are having breakfast
06:30 hot sulfuric monoxide steaming holes, egg boiling testimony. 07:15 starting trekking across the main crater to the present cones
08:15 exploring the active craters with sulfuric steamship smokes. 09:00 walking on the black lava field emitted from the craters. 09:15 ending the trek at Bukit Mentik and transfer to the hotel
10:00 back to the office.
Prices and group size:
Adult $ 35 (5pax)
Adult $ 40 (4pax)
Adult $ 50 (3pax)
Adult $ 65 (2pax)
Adult $ 130 (1pax)
Include: guide, breakfast, steamed egg, flashlight.
Exclude: insurance, trekking stick, pullover, cold drink, entrance fee.
a.Amed-Toya Bungkah IDR 500K Airport-Toya Bungkah: IDR 600K Bedugul-Toya Bungkah: IDR 500K
Candi Dasa-Toya Bungkah: IDR 550K. Canggu-Toya Bungkah: IDR 600K
Kuta-Toya Bungkah IDR 600K Lovina-Toya Bungkah: IDR 550K Munduk-Toya Bungkah: IDR 600K. Nusa Dua-Toya Bungkah: IDR 700K
Padangbai-Toya Bungkah: IDR 500K Pemuteran-Toya Bungkah: IDR 800K Sanur-Toya Bungkah IDR 600K Tulamben-Toya Bungkah: IDR 500K Ubud-Toya Bungka IDR 400K Uuwatu-Toya Bungkah: IDR 600K
For other destination should be sure we have discussed for the price and destination while we are dealing. The pick include visiting interesting places will also be discussed and on request.
Thank you for your booking with us, I look forward to seeing you soonest
Best Regards
Jero Wijaya

Batur active volcanic craters
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